Saturday, 2 February 2019

Crafting with a Broken Wrist

Well this officially sucks!! I went on an amazing trip with my family and came home broken! Even typing is a challenge! I waited until I was home to go to the hospital and was one of several wrist fractures that day. The rest were due to icy conditions. There was no sympathy coming my way as I explained that I was paddle boarding in the ocean!

I got patched up and now I am at home waiting for this thing to come off my hand!! I have been on a mad knitting streak lately and have been finishing off socks left and right. I had almost finished my socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks monthly sock club when it happened so I pushed forward and finished my socks before I went to the hospital just in case I couldn't knit when I got home. Well, its a good thing I did that because I CAN'T KNIT!!! :( I spent the day yesterday organizing my sewing room, today I organized my yarn. Now I am pacing around trying to find something to do!

So what crafty things can one do with a broken wrist? Draw. I finally ordered an Apple Pencil and got the wrong one!! So it's a paper and pencil adventure here! I'm not an established artist by any means. I have taken a few beginner classes and learned some basics, but I'm not producing award winners here. But it is nice to take my mind off of my wrist and doodle and enjoy. Here are some of my pencil drawings I have done (some not complete). That cat's face is a bit wonky but overall I'm proud of my work.

And then my Apple Pencil arrived!! The right one!! I didn't know the new one only works with iPad Pro but the older one works with a 6th gen iPad so here I am. My older pencil is here and I have been playing with it ever since! My husband is a banjo payer so I made a little banjo, my kid is sloth obsessed so I made a sloth, and then I just played around. The Procreate app seems to have a billion features and I have just scratched the surface. I'm hoping I can figure out more in the coming weeks while I wait for my hand to heal. Maybe design some embroidery patterns!! That would be fun.

I am running out of ideas for other projects though. Some have said maybe my wrist will feel well enough to cross stitch, crank socks on my Erlbacher Gearhart machine, EPP, all kinds of things, but my dexterity is not as perfect as I would want it to be. So any ideas for a gal with just her dominant hand free? I'd love some suggestions!!

Here are some more of my Procreate doodles:


  1. Maybe a puzzle? I know it’s not crafty, but maybe could keep you from boredom!